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Clock Tattoos


Jun 25, 2015 Types Of Tattoos 1 Comment

It’s no wonder people are obsessed by time, and perhaps that helps explain why clock tattoos just so popular. Most people look for objects of inspiration to place behind their tattoos. Something out of the ordinary. And time is the most un-ordinary, ordinary thing we have. Our life is one giant timeline made up of memories and events. A clock is the symbol of all that and gives a sense of rhythm to our day to day life. Every good or bad moment is set by time. I was 16, I was in high school, the day my mother died. Every event is set by time. And for those who believe in destiny it can either resemble the fight against or the love of following a destiny that will mark at some date and time a all meaningful event that will happen. We all struggle with time in a way. Time is a love hate relationship for most and Tattoos are a way to stop time. To permanently establish our memories in our skin in a beautiful way. Element tattoo San Antonio recognizes the importance of that. See you soon!