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My name is Janessa Elizabeth Consenz

And I am the cosmetic tattoo artist here at Element Tattoo Studio. I am proud to offer several different cosmetic tattooing services to help you enhance your natural beauty or accentuate your existing features.

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Eyebrow services include microblading, powder brows, ombré brows and hybrid/combo brows. The type of eyebrow services recommended is different for every client based on their natural hair growth, skin type and specific overall expectations.

What should I expect at my appointment?
Your appointment will begin with a consultation in which I will discuss the process of the best cosmetic procedure that will compliment and enhance your natural features. It is important to bring reference photographs of the brow shape and color which you are seeking to tattoo. It is even more important to understand that eyebrows frame the face and not all shapes will work for all types of faces. For clients who regularly wear makeup- please arrive at your appointment with your brows filled in as you normally would. Together we will pick a complimentary shape that will work best for your natural facial structure. I generally do two rounds of drawing for every client. The first round will consist of drawing the eyebrows in accordance with your supraorbital ridge structure while you are lying down. The second round of drawing is done while sitting up to accommodate for what gravity does best. This is important to see exactly how your new brows will sit on your face and accommodate a final shape that will age well and be placed correctly as you mature.

Once we have agreed on a final complimentary shape that you have approved, the fun begins. I will begin the process of numbing your brow area with effective anesthetics that will lessen the discomfort of your procedure to a minimum. Most clients experience minimum to mild discomfort. As all people have a different threshold for pain, I will do my best to assure you are as comfortable as possible during your entire procedure. At this time I will discuss the best color options for the most natural looking results. Color customization is no problem at all and is done while you are allowing for your anesthetic to take full effect.


It is important to not consume any alcoholic or caffeinated beverages the night before or day of your appointment. Blood thinning medications such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen should be avoided for a minimum of 24 hours prior. If you regularly wax, thread, tweeze or tint your eyebrows, please do so at least 3 days prior to your appointment. Any facial treatments must also be done at least three days prior. The use of any products containing Retin-A or retinol must be completely avoided for at least two weeks before your appointment and for 4 weeks afterward! No exceptions!


What is Microblading?
Microblading is an archaic form of cosmetic tattooing that has become a beauty trend in the past few years. The microblading process consists of making small calculated incisions within the brow area using a small grouping of tiny sterilized needles in various needle arrangements and gauges. This process known as micro pigmentation, deposits pigment into each incision. These calculated incisions are intended to create the look of individual hair that is referred to as a hair stroke.

Is microblading tattooing? Is it permanent? How often does it have to be touched up?
The simple answer is yes. Microblading is a direct form of tattooing. It is permanent. There is no such thing as semi permanent tattoo color. Over time the ink deposited into the hair strokes, will fade as all tattoos do. A color refresher is recommended yearly and sometimes sooner. The longevity of your healed results depend entirely upon a persons environmental factors and skin regiment.


Powder brow service is the process of micro pigmentation in the brow area with a tattoo machine that is designed specifically to achieve the soft look of wearing make up. A diluted custom color matched pigment is created to achieve a soft and natural look. Minimal upkeep and future color refresher sessions make this type of brow service the best choice for clients with little to no existing eyebrow hair.

Ombré brow service consists of the same tattooing technique as powder brows, only with the front head of the brow faded softly into the body and tail of your new eyebrows.


Hybrid/Combo brow service is the process of creating your newly tattooed eyebrows with the best of both worlds. Simulated hair strokes in the front head of the brow are created with either a microblade or tattoo machine. The body and tail of the brow are created using the powder brow technique. These brows are my favorite and are built for shape longevity with minimal touch ups and color refreshers required.


Permanent eyeliner services can be done with either the traditional machine method or with a hand tool. The type of method used strictly depends upon the style of eyeliner the client desires.


Freckling services can be done with either a traditional machine or a hand tool. This process of micro pigmentation heals perfectly for a soft and natural look for every client. Specific tattoo pigments are used to create a perfect color match for every client, by referencing existing freckles, moles and beauty marks. In the rare occasion that a client has no existing beauty marks, freckles or moles to reference, a color will be created to best suit their skin tone and natural hair color.


“What does this mean” is the first question that I am always asked about Astrology and Zodiac markings. Essentially, these markings are expertly placed upon your body just as freckles and beauty marks would be. Only instead of using random placements, I hand map and draw the shape of star or zodiac constellations directly on your body. Several markings can be joined together for clients who would like to represent more than one significance in their life. These markings can be placed anywhere, scaled to any size that a client desires. They can also be expertly camouflaged to incorporate a clients existing markings. These markings can be drawn to represent the astrological significance of children, parents, dates and numbers. These specific and individual markings are generally done using different color tones to separate each different marking when several significances are being tattooed. Specialized color matched pigments are always used and created for every client. This type of tattooing is very subtle and is a great choice for the person looking to get a tattoo that doesn’t want traditional tattoo imagery on their body.

When I was a teenager, I began a life long journey seeking the spiritual forces within myself and learning how to use them to the best of my ability to create love and understand where I came from. Upon my years of study I uncovered the ancient practice of mole divination. I charted each of the moles and markings upon my body just as was done thousands of years ago by spiritual mystics. My own personal understanding for where my placement was in the universe began to unfold. My children bear many of the same markings upon their bodies in the exact same placements as my own. My grandmother also had the same markings that I was born with. It is not coincidence in my eyes. Thus, I am greatly humbled and honored to be able to offer these services in a most spiritual and ancient way to help you mark your place in this ever changing universe in which we reside.