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The skull tattoo is an icon!  There is no doubt about it.  Popular as much as powerful. Easily readable in all styles of tattooing.  Skulls have paved the way for macabre images to stay prominent in the tattoo world and there is no indication that this is going away.

The simple fact that all human beings die is a basis for the powerful emotions that the skull image can evoke.  The most common symbolic use of the skull is as a representation of death and mortality.  Throughout all ages of mankind, the image can be found in text and depicted in drawings and paintings.

It is simple to understand how this image can evoke fear of death when we are confronted with its prominence at a young age.  Humankind has always had an obsession and affinity in regards to death and perhaps it is for that reason that the skull tattoo remains a solid symbol for tattoos that commemorate both life and mortality.

Here are some skulls from the artists at Element Tattoo that are my favorite.  Come get one from us if you like what you see.


These Skull Tattoo Art Pieces are by Justin Martinez.  One is a ceramic plate and the other is a Handkerchief!

These two are tattooed by Jedidia Reid.

These are done by William!!!!!!!!

Here are a couple by Chelsea!

Thanks for looking if you did.