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Tattoo Ethics Regarding Placement

There are some things to consider before walking into any tattoo shop.  Generally speaking, the majority of the public should consider keeping their tattoos placed where they can be covered up with clothing if necessary.  Although we live in a day and age when tattoos are considered to be less taboo than they once were, tattoos still separate the different classes of people in regards to social status.

Placement of tattoos on the hands, face, neck and throat are highly discouraged by reputable tattooers in the industry when it comes to the general public.  Most people do not realize the ways in which their lives will change during interactions with others when these areas are tattooed.  Tattoos on the hands, face, neck and throat can lead to discrimination for the unsuspecting.  This discrimination can take place in all interactions with other people and will take precedence while conducting job interviews, looking to rent a home or apartment and in seeking admission into public establishments such as restaurants, bars and clubs.

A reputable tattooer will often turn away or discourage these tattoo placements due to their understanding of human nature and how tattooed people are judged by society.  This is not to say that there are no exceptions to this ethical way of thinking.  Tattoos on the hands, face, neck and throat are acceptable for those individuals who are set in their career, financially stable and have no need to cover their tattoos for anyone ever.  Individuals who are already heavily tattooed and have most of their bodies covered are also an exception.

Some tattoo shops will unscrupulously take your money in exchange for your first tattoo being performed in one these placements without having any ethical regard for you as the client.  We are not that kind of tattoo establishment and definitely pride ourselves on that.  Sometimes this means turning people away that request we perform a service that we are not comfortable with in regards to tattooing ethics.  We do this purposefully.

We here at Element Tattoo strive to always do right by you as our tattoo clients and provide you with the type of work we are proud to have our name on.  You can count on us for that!